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Statement from the Chairman and CEO of the NAGICO Group

The people of the Caribbean have been through an imperceptible 2 weeks, having weathered 3 major hurricanes over the past 13 days. Hurricanes Irma and Maria wreaked havoc in the Caribbean region, our home, sadly causing loss of life, numerous areas to be significantly damaged with some being deemed uninhabitable and resulting in many persons being displaced. We are resilient though and together we will rebuild.

Unfortunately, some persons have used the devastating circumstances left in the wake of Hurricane Irma to create and spread malicious rumors about the NAGICO Group. To eliminate any doubt the Shareholders and Board of Directors of the NAGICO Group wish to reassure its stakeholders, in particular its policyholders, that NAGICO is a financially strong and stable institution. The NAGICO Group maintains an exceptional reinsurance program backed by the world’s largest and strongest A rated reinsurers. As NAGICO has consistently done in the past, after every catastrophe, it will honour its obligations to each of its policyholders and settle their claims in a timely manner in accordance with the policy conditions.

We are proud of the NAGICO Team who has been very proactive and diligent with the management of the hurricane claims, having established and communicated multiple channels for customer reporting, including an online platform which was available to clients immediately after the passage of the storms. Our dedicated staff, agents and brokers, despite also suffering losses, have been working relentlessly to satisfy our customers’ needs and our team of adjusters are also actively visiting our clients as we deliver on our promise of fast and fair claim settlement.

The NAGICO Group remains steadfast in its commitment to help its policyholders and the Caribbean region rebuild.