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Having a plan in place for your final affairs is smart thinking. It offers financial protection for when your family needs it most, and peace of mind for you, in knowing that your farewell can be done with dignity.The NAGICO Serenity Funeral Plan is designed with very affordable premiums and includes some amazing benefits. The plan can cover:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Legal Fees
  • Medical Expenses
  • Outstanding personal loans
  • Other debts like Mortgages, Car Loan
  • Coverage amounts can be offered up to XCD$30,000

Application age is 20 – 69.5 yrs
Initial premium is based on Age and Gender
Simple application process and no medical exam required
Premium term up to 15 years with coverage continuing until claim event
Sum Assured increases annually from year two with 2.5% (simple interest on selected coverage amount) until death/claim event.)
Flexible premium installment programs to suit your budget


Signing up for a NAGICO Serenity Funeral Plan has never been easier, with a simplified application process and NO medical exam being required!You can take charge of your future and make sure that when the time comes, you will not leave your loved ones with the financial burden of laying you to rest.