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Hurricane Xtra
is a parametric policy, which means that coverage is triggered based on how strong a hurricane is and how close it comes to your home. The parameters are established at policy inception so once they are triggered, coverage is almost automatic.
Benefits to this coverage are:
You get to determine how to spend the payout
No deductible
No damage estimate required
No adjuster required
Simplified claims process
Faster payout

NAGICO’s Hurricane Xtra policy is not a replacement for your existing Homeowners coverage, but rather intended to complement the coverage you already have. Request a quote online, or call or visit one of our intermediaries or NAGICO offices to benefit now.

*This policy is currently only available in Sint Maarten”

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Now there is a product to help you get cover for those expenses that may arise following a hurricane as well as items around your home that are not typically covered against hurricane damage under the standard Homeowners Policy.
This policy can be used to cover:
Travel cancellations
Evacuation costs
Expenses such as fuel for generators and vehicles
Gates and fences
Outdoor lighting systems
Satellite dishes
Awnings And so much more!