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Education Savings

The cost of education is steadily increasing while the value of government funding in this respect is contracting. For those of you with young children this may be a concern; but NAGICO’s Education Policy is your solution. Our Education Policy is especially designed to cover the future costs of education for your child(ren). The younger the child, the more you benefit from this policy. Premium is payable for the entire policy term.

Coverage Term offered:

  • Maturity at 18 – Entire policy value will be paid out at age 18.
  • Maturity at 19 Entire policy value will be paid out at age 19.
  • Maturity at 20 Entire policy value will be paid out at age 20.

How much insurance should be purchased on the child?

A goal has to be assumed, for instance: the insurance may cover one year of college/university tuition or the entire college period. The client should also consider the cost associated with various University tuition standards.

Request a quote online, call or visit one of our intermediaries or NAGICO offices to learn more. Remember, you can save money when you bundle your insurance policies with NAGICO.  Ask your NAGICO representative and start benefiting.

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