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Critical Illness

Can you guarantee that you will always remain in good health and not be diagnosed with a critical illness? Unfortunately, even if you implement and consistently adhere to a proper diet and exercise regime there are no guarantees. Ever thought about what your life would be like should such an event occur? Would you have the necessary finance available to ensure you can provide yourself with the necessary infrastructure to live comfortably?

Our NAGICARE Critical Illness plan is your solution. This plan is a health insurance product that offers a lump payment in the event you are diagnosed with and survive a named critical illness.

Some of the key features and benefits associated with this policy include:

  • Minimum participation age of 20-65 years, with dependent coverage
  • Maximum age of coverage age 70
  • Policy coverage vary from as low as $25k to $1M

Request a quote online, call or visit one of our intermediaries or NAGICO offices to learn more. Remember, you can save money when you bundle your insurance policies with NAGICO. Ask your NAGICO representative and start benefiting.

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